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We adhere to the highest professional standards


Meeting clients where there are and guiding them to the next level.


Open, honest and effective communication.


Delivering quality product in a timely manner

We Are Grantees!

J & P Consulting Group LLC is pleased to announce that we have been granted $661,199.00 by Illinois as part of their #R3 program. As an organization grounded in equity, this investment is an incredible opportunity to level the playing field and provide avenues for reconciliation efforts throughout the state. #ICJIA #JEO #equitymatters
Thank you, @GovPritzker, @LtGovStratton, and @ICJIA_Illinois, for supporting our J & P Consulting Group LLC- Pathway to Ownership program. 

About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of J & P Consulting Group LLC is to promote entrepreneurship and small business growth. By providing the business essentials: financial human educational emotional and physical resources, J&P levels the playing field for communities, businesses, and individuals that have been historically marginalized and disproportionately impacted by long-standing inequities.

J & P Consulting Group understands that keeping focused on starting a business and supporting growth and improvement is not easy. We help small businesses identify weaknesses and challenges to determine relevant solutions. We help you drive projects to successful completion. For more than 25 years, the owners and principal consultants, Mariann Jordan and Nina Monique Page have focused on developing and achieving strategic goals and objectives to support small businesses. Both are accomplished leaders skilled at integrating multiple functions to benefit both organizations and businesses bottom line and promote growth.

How We Can Help You

You're in the right place if...

You need help creating a startup business or increase visibility.

You have the thought of a business but no idea how to start or are operating a business from home but not quite "legitimate".

Your business is growing, but you are not ready to take on full-time employees.

Looking for a supportive group to assist you during your business journey.


What Our Clients Say

J & P Consulting Group was instrumental in the start of Noble Property Management and Maintenance Services. Mrs. Jordan and Ms. Page took my concept and developed the components (business plan, incorporation, company logo and website) required to legitimize our operations. They are extremely professional, thorough and highly recommend.

Brian Stewart CEO of Noble Property Management

Mariann was so on point and thorough with everything she did for Hugs No Slugs. Many thanks for all of your hard work. We are truly grateful.

Aleta Clark Englewood Barbie

Thank you for working with so much passion, dedication and devotion on this project. We were under the gun with a short deadline which you met with ease. Best of luck with your new business venture. I know you will do extremely well.

Pamela Blackman CEO Joy Entertainment & Event Management

It was an honor for Random Acts of Kindness to have someone like you on our team. Your concise hard work was able to get us to the next level. I'm positive we will continue to use your amazing array of services for years to come.

PJB President

Your work ethic, dedication, enthusiasm, insights and attention to every detail are all awe inspiring. Thank you for all of the services you provided.

Mieka Joi CEO Rich Girl Candy

J&P Consulting your work speaks volumes to the what you add to anyone's business-efficient, organized, resourceful and result oriented. We were extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Pamela CEO Blackman-Reese-Rose Foundation

Your commitment, dedication and passion for your amazing work are really appreciated. Thank you for giving 1000%!

AC Founder Club 51

You are such a joy to work with. Every interaction is a positive one and I know you have big things ahead of you. Congratulations on you new business venture.

President of Second To None Productions

Our team of professionals supports businesses at various levels, stages and sizes.

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