J&P National Youth Empowerment Network

Our mission at the Youth Empowerment Network, NFP, is to collaborate with youth and young adults, providing them with the necessary support to overcome life’s challenges. 

Our Program Model

The program model of J & P National Youth Empowerment Network, NFP, is designed to empower young individuals by providing them with innovative opportunities and essential skills for success. We focus on supporting both urban and suburban youth, as well as their families, in bridging the gaps across mental health, education, economics, and social development. Through our program, we aim to equip young people with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as capable and responsible adults in an increasingly competitive world. This includes fostering Communication Development, offering Economic and Business Development Coaching, providing Job Training, facilitating Conflict Resolution, Crisis Counseling, Resources and Referral services, and extending Family Support Programs, such as re-unification services and family matter referrals. We also prioritize health and wellness, mentoring and extend Home Visit support for children in foster care to ensure comprehensive support and guidance.

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The Youth

Our Mission

Our mission at the Youth Empowerment Network, NFP, is to collaborate with youth and young adults, providing them with the necessary support to overcome life’s challenges. We achieve this through an inclusive and culturally sensitive atmosphere, a wide range
of services, and a track record of demonstrable success.

Our Vision

J&P National Youth Empowerment Network, NFP, operates as an affiliate of J&P Consulting Group, dedicated to fostering the growth and empowerment of young
individuals. Within the Youth Empowerment Network,& we are committed to investing in the youth, aiming to uplift and revitalize communities through innovative partnerships, cooperative efforts, engagement with parents and communities. Our vision includes establishing a secure, inclusive, and diverse learning environment for young people, ensuring they can thrive and achieve their maximum potential by accessing to resources and services to address and improve their physical, mental, social, educational, career or business development choices.

Program Services

Safe Space
Safe Place

Provide youth and young adults 12- 24 with a Safe space before, after school and work to secure resources and services to address their immediate crisis needs or to secure support with personal issues or crisis intervention.

Young Business
Boot Camp

Provide youth 16-24 with the skills and resources to create opportunities that support their business concept or model. Includes individual assessment, job readiness training, paid transitional job placement, business mentors,
banking, business development training and one on one business coaching. Will include supportive services, referrals for job placement and career development opportunities.

Re-unification Services

Partner with the Department of Children and Family Services to support supervised parent visitation on site at agency location or other safe space identified.  

Voice in Art

The creative art program is designed to foster creativity in young people, by giving them an outlet for self-expression.  Activities will include photography, visual arts, storytelling, hip-hop, or a form of expression that will inspire everyone.

Good Guidance Program

Creating positive relationship with at-risk communities by connecting with youth and their families through engaging social activities. The Good Guidance program aims to serve local community by working with at-risk youth to enable them to become self-motivated, empowered, and develop strong social skills that will encourage them to reach their full potential. We also aim to foster a therapeutic relationship with the parents of these children to facilitate a multi-level approach to transforming the lives of the youth that we work with. 

The Real Un-Cut Kids

A Youth and Young Adults podcast that support a monthly podcast that is facilitated and managed by youth that have an interested in film, photography, music and writing.  The program is in partnership with CANTV

Positive Pathways Initiative

Positive Pathways, is committed to leading and collaborating with the at-risk youth in our local community, empowering them to be self-driven while nurturing robust social skills. Guide youth towards realizing their greatest potential. Additionally, we seek to establish a therapeutic bond with the parents of these young individuals, aiming for a holistic approach in transforming the lives of the youth. 

Crisis Counseling and Intervention

provide services that will address mental health needs throughout a youth’s life, including prevention and early intervention for kids and families, and intensive, outpatient mental health services, trauma informed care and case management for youth who are experiencing homelessness or running away from home. We also work with children and their families to improve adult-child relationships both at school and in the home. 

Target Population

Youth Ages 12 to 24

Service Population

Youth from South Holland, Riverdale, Posen, Phoenix, Markham, Lansing, Homewood, Haxel Crest, Harvey, Glenwood, East Hazel Crest, Dolton, Dixmoor, Calumet City, Burnham, Blue Island and Country Club Hills and Chicago Heights

Other Service Areas

State of Illinois, Cook County, North, South, West and Suburban Communities. Seeking to expand to Indiana and Atlanta in 2024

Meet the Team

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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